Work together

As a creative adventurer I work together with festivals, organizations, companies and communities.

An adventurous journey is not just about being away from daily life, it’s about creating a story. A story about our environments, the people around us and our emotions. These stories can be captured in many ways. Through social media, articles in magazines or websites or through workshops. I create adventurous projects for organizations who are searching for an exciting way to make original content.

As an expert in adventurous travel, I talk in discussion panels as well.

A few organizations I worked together with:

Duisburg Tourism

#ScootDuisburg – Social media take-over, articles on my and other websites, short film and sending inspiration for an urban adventure!

Grasnapolsky Festival 2019

For festival Grasnapolsky I made an adventurous expedition around the festival area. In all darkness, but with a flaming torch participants followed me into the small forrest around the festival area, where they played little games to win hints. With enough hints the participants found a QR-code with a link to a short about my experiences as a youngster with the festival area.

During the Grasnapolsky 2019 expedition workshop
The film behind the QR-code

Noorderland Magazine Feature: “Op Wereldreis in het Noorden” (World Travel in the North)

Noorderland Magazine is a glossy about cultural, environmental and personal happening in the North of the Netherlands. For the theme “World Travel” I came up with a bicycle journey where I would travel to villages, streets or townships with international names. I cycled from Moscow to Egypt and France. The journey turned into a full feature article.

“Adventure starts at the backdoor”

Workshop Campfire Storytelling Festival

Campfire Storytelling Festival is not so much a festival as it is a gathering or knowledge sharing weekend. The festival focusses on local food, outdoor lifestyle, health and connection. For the festival I made a workshop “how to create a creative adventurous journey”. Through my experiences in making and creating original journeys we started to each make an original adventure we could all do.

Workshop “How to make your own microadventure”

Discussion panel; Tegenlicht meetup #130 – Reizen is het nieuwe roken (traveling is the new smoking)

Our current form of tourism is not sustainible; cityhopping by low budget airlines, all-inclusive hotels where half of the food is thrown away or small economies totally depending on tourism. Because I travel in a different way I was invited by documentary series “Tegenlicht” to talk about my way of travel. Together with Dutch Cyclist Hera van Willick we talked about sustainable travel on a bike, by foot or rollerblades.

Panel discussion about sustainable and adventurous travel.