Hiking Marocco

Following the Souss river from Sea to Source

Morocco, the place the sun sets. I don’t know anything about Morocco and after doing research on the net, not much was found about hiking or cycling in this country. For me this is always a good sign. A country unknown to long distance travelers.

When looking on the map I soon found a long river, the Souss, leading from the Atlas mountains to the ocean, next to surf city Agadir. From Sea to source the river stretches 180 kilometer. Walking a river is a good way to get to know a country. The valley of the sous river is among the most fertile areas in Morocco. Dates, palmtrees and fruittrees are in abundance in the lush area. Located between the Atlas and the Anti-atlas this region is a Berber region where most people speak berber language. A very interesting place to explore and to see the real Morocco