As Creative Adventurer I travel to the other side of the world as well as through my own backyard. 

Always with an original concept for an interesting journey.

This way I see the world around us with different eyes. These experiences I share with my audience through personal multimedia lectures, written articles for on- and offline magazines, short films and self published books. This way I inspire my audience to travel in a sustainable and adventurous way!

Latest journeys

Latest journeys and projects.

Sapmi Trail (2019)

Over a course of 98 days I travelled high above the European arctic cirlcle.

2000 kilometer by second hand bike, 1000 by hitchhiking and 200 by walking to learn about Sami culture and Sami music .

#ScootDuisburg (2019)

In the spring of 2019 I teamed up with Duisburg Tourismus for an urban adventure. Scooting 100 kilometer through Duisburg, taking on an urban trail, connecting the industry of the city with the flowing water of the Rhine and Ruhr and beautiful green and lush outskirts.

For this project I took over Duisburgs’ social media, posting my experiences regularly on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. By scooting through the city with the “blue beast” I was open for conversation and met good people in their daily lives.

Slow28 (2018)

In the autumn of 2018 I crossed the Dutch island of Schiermonnikoog on foot. The journey took me 30 hours, nonstop. In search of the famous beach poles I circumnavigated the island by foot, trying to walk one kilometer per hour.

This journey has been transformed to a full colour photobook. 

Guided fatbiketours on the island of Schiermonnikoog

A sportive tour for the adventurous island explorer

From 2021 on I organise and guide fatbike tours on the island of Schiermonnikoog. In 2018 I made a 30 hour journey on this island and now, three years later I guide a tour into the footsteps of this island adventure. With bikes we will cross the beach, salt marshes and dunes. During the tour I’ll tell about my exeriences during these 30 hours , show you the most beautiful places of this wild island and tell you all about the fascinating nature on Schiermonnikoog; Netherlands last real naturereserve. The guided tour is not for the faint hearted and might include a tiny bit of musclepain…

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When I’m not traveling

When I’m not in my tent or on the road I share my passion on the art of adventurous travel. Talks, articles for magazine’s and websites, books, photoseries and even radioshows. I give workshops, get invited to discussion panels and organize adventure events now and then. Adventurous travel brings out the best in people is what I believe!


From short key-note talks to evening filled programs including video’s, pictures and exciting stories from far away of close by. I’ve been giving talks about my journeys since 2013 and have inspired many people to live adventurously. From hostels to cinema’s, festivals and cafe’s. As creative adventurer I talk about setting up high goals and making them happen!

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I write articles about my journeys and experiences. Landscape, culture and the art behind adventure are my topics. I’ve been writing for many on- and offline magazines including: De Wereldfietser, UP/DOWN Magazine, Sikkom, Say Yes To Adventure Magazine, Noorderland and I was online content creator for Outside Magazine Netherlands. In 2019 I published a full colour coffee table book (Slow28).

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Next to talking and writing I also give different workshops on the art of adventurous travel. I teach participants how to create their own adventurous journey with a original concept. These short workshops are perfect for  festivals, gatherings or fairs with a focus on travel or a healthy (green) lifestyle. Workshops are also available for schools.

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Slow28 – Coffeetable book

Out now – Limited Edition

In search of the famous beach poles I circumnavigated the island of Schiermonnikoog by foot, trying to walk one kilometer per hour. Every hour I wrote 150 words, honoring the placement of the first pole, exactly 150 years ago. To bring you along with me, this journey translated into a limited edition coffeetable book with pictures and diarypieces.   

Editor & Design: Erwin Zantinga
Release Date: January 2019
Format: 210 x 148 mm (A5)
Features: Full color, hardcover, 60 pages
Language: Dutch

To order a copy, send an email to Erwinz86[at]

Slow28 rated 7,9 on Mountainreporters

“Beautiful and atmospheric book about a very original walk. Good photos, catchy texts and beautifully executed.” 

“Buy this book. It reads like a page turner. It is such a wonderful adventure.”