Work together

As a creative adventurer I work together with festivals, organizations, companies and communities.

An adventurous journey is not just about being away from daily life, it’s about creating a story. A story about our environments, the people around us and our emotions. These stories can be captured in many ways. Through social media, articles in magazines or websites or through workshops. I create adventurous projects for organizations who are searching for an exciting way to make original content.

As an expert in adventurous travel, I talk in discussion panels as well.

A few organizations I worked together with:

Duisburg Tourism

#ScootDuisburg – Social media take-over, articles on my and other websites, short film and sending inspiration for an urban adventure!

Grasnapolsky Festival 2019

For festival Grasnapolsky I made an adventurous expedition around the festival area. In all darkness, but with a flaming torch participants followed me into the small forrest around the festival area, where they played little games to win hints. With enough hints the participants found a QR-code with a link to a short about my experiences as a youngster with the festival area.

Video starts at 4:55

Noorderland Magazine Feature: “Op Wereldreis in het Noorden” (World Travel in the North)

Noorderland Magazine is a glossy about cultural, environmental and personal happening in the North of the Netherlands. For the theme “World Travel” I came up with a bicycle journey where I would travel to villages, streets or townships with international names. I cycled from Moscow to Egypt and France. The journey turned into a full feature article.

Workshop Campfire Storytelling Festival

Campfire Storytelling Festival is not so much a festival as it is a gathering or knowledge sharing weekend. The festival focusses on local food, outdoor lifestyle, health and connection. For the festival I made a workshop “how to create a creative adventurous journey”. Through my experiences in making and creating original journeys we started to each make an original adventure we could all do.

Workshop in full effect!