Cycling without a paper map, Google Maps or

any other kind of electronic navigation

A map is something every adventurer needs. It tells you where you are, and where you need to go. To come to the essence of adventure I decided to cycle from Maastricht (NL) to the Mt. Blanc (FR) and back without a map. Armed with a compass and a sketchbook I went on my way to find the Mt Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe. Making my own maps with descriptions from local people, drawings from maps at train stations or bus stops or with my compass. What happens when you leave the map behind and trust on your own drawing skills? (especially when you have none…) 

This journey took me in six weeks from the lowest country in Europe to the highest mountain on the continent. Cycling through blazing heat of 44 degrees celsius I spent the nights under a tarp or the naked sky. Making detours every day was part of the journey, trying to leave frustration about the extra kilometers behind on the road. 

“When you have no direction, you’re always on the right way”

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