#ScootDuisburg (2019)

An urban adventure; 100 kilometers on a

kickbike through Duisburg!

In the spring of 2019 I teamed up with Duisburg Tourismus for an urban adventure. Scooting 100 kilometer through Duisburg, taking on the Nord- and Sudschleife. This urban trail connects the industry of the city with the flowing water of the Rhine and Ruhr and beautiful green and lush outskirts. I never made a journey on a kickbike before, so for me it was a first. And I must admit, when I finished the journey I grew quite fond of the blue beast!

For this journey I took over Duisburgs’ social media, posting my experiences regularly on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. By scooting through the city with the “blue beast” I was open for conversation and met good people in their daily lives. Talking to fellow cyclists, people hanging out in bars, residents from the outskirts of town and the chef of a restaurant who almost lost his restaurant by a fire in the kitchen.

For a commercial collaboration, contact me on erwinz86[at]hotmail.com