A cycling search for designated “pole camping places”

in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands wildcamping is forbidden. If you find a nice place to put up your tent, it’s not allowed. But to compensate a little the Dutch forrest administration pointed out some designated places to camp out and see what Dutch nature can be like. These places are called “Paalkampeerplaats”, roughly translated as “pole camping place”.

With my bike I will go from pole to pole and check out these places. Do they sleep well, are they away from traffic and can I really feel like I’m out in the bush when a place is designated?

Every day I posted a very short story (not more then 200 words) about the place I slept, together with a picture. Next to this I posted a very short story about something that happend that day. Losing my sunglasses, constant rain or an insight about life. In the end I cycled 700 kilometers in 10 days and camped at pole camping places, not existing anymore.